Meet Dawnn Leary


Dawnn, a native Californian, has the warm, sincere and young voice you have been looking for! She is ready to take your project to the next level! With her unique sound and her deep and rich tone she can:

* Convey social conscious messages for your next social media campaign or commercial;

* Communicate professional and instructive narration for your next educational video, project or podcast;

* Express fun, warmth and sincerity to your next commercial, audio book and narration!

Dawnn brings professionalism and integrity to whatever she does. She truly enjoys the voice over industry and brings that energy and joy to whatever project she takes on— no matter the size of the project. She is a quick learner and takes direction well. With her additional experience in the nonprofit and social service industry she brings that knowledge and experience to projects that desire to convey social messages as well as inform and educate the public about important issues and subjects.

Talent Spotlight

Dawnn was recently featured by Such a Voice's "Talent Spotlight."
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